Press release – Montréal Esports and Grizzlys at DreamHack


(Montréal, September 5th, 2017) – With the presence and implication of an international francophone celebrity, a new major supporting platform will be presented during Dreamhack Montreal at Place Bonaventure on Saturday September 9th

During the largest esport event ever organized in Quebec, Montréal Esports, whose main goal is to promote the healthy growth of a Quebec competitive scene, will reveal its first big project.

The esports phenomenon, or electronic sports, is an ever growing phenomenon. While playing video games, the best players in the world compete against each other to prove their worth and win substantial cash prizes. Last summer’s Dota 2 event in Seattle, The International, distributed over 25 million dollars to its participants.

Québec also has a lot of talented young players and the new organization, Montréal Esports, wants to support and help them to push themselves further and become future esports champions. The project will be backed by a Quebec-born celebrity, well known in the traditional world of sports. He will bring his experience and knowledge to the project and will be present Saturday on the stage of DreamHack Montreal.

Through its CEO Paul Sen, Montréal Esports will present Saturday the three sides of the new project :

– The creation of a pro team, the Grizzlys, which will be a multi-gaming team and will take under its wings the best players of the province.
– A player’s agency, to represent, protect talents and take charge of their development, managing of their contracts, sponsors, and marketing.
– A new online platform to create esports related content, with ultimate goal being to broadcast esports only programs on a 24/7 basis.

The reveal will take place in between 4pm and 5:30pm this Saturday, during DreamHack Montréal. Paul Sen and his team will be available to answer any of your questions during the afternoon.
About DreamHack Montréal : Based in Sweden, DreamHack produces many events across the world. For a second time, it comes back in Montreal to organize the biggest esport event ever organized in Quebec, bringing together thousands of players around their passion for competitive video games. The event takes place this year at Place Bonaventure during the of the 8th to the 10th.


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