Georges St-Pierre announces Grizzlys


At DreamHack Montréal 2017, the Quebec born celebrity and multiple time mixed martial arts World Champion GEORGES ST-PIERRE spoke on stage to announce his official involvement in the project Montréal Esports and the launch of the brand new professionnal team, the Grizzlys.

« I think esports will keep growing and eventually prevail as mass entertainment. » – Georges St-Pierre

The announcement took place during the biggest esport event ever organized in Quebec. Georges St-Pierre and Grizzlys’ CEO, Paul Sen, announced the opening of our den and the begining of our activities scheduled for October 2017.

It is in our 6500 ft square premises, in Montreal, that we will help grow local talents. Our locals will be equipped with 12 gaming stations, geared with top of the line peripherals and PCs, a space dedicated to console gaming, a lounge and much more. Added to this, a management team will make sure every players develop themselves personally and professionally.

A fully equipped studio, with a separated control room, green screens and top of the line cameras, will allow us to record programs and broadcast live streams. Everything will be operated by a team of professionals and aims to promote esports locally and internationally.

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