Frequently Asked Questions about Grizzlys scouting tournament


Following Grizzlys’ announcement at DreamHack Montréal, we received tons and tons of questions from the community about a wide spectrum of concerns. Here are the answers to the most asked questions.

How is Georges St-Pierre involved in Montréal Esports ?

Georges St-Pierre is the owner of Montréal Esports. He has a word on every big decision taken and will help Grizzlys with his knowledge in MMA fighting.

Why Grizzlys ?

Good question, but it’s rather easy to explain. We wanted a name which evokes strength and that would still be related to our Canadian roots. We brainstormed for a long time, thought about Canadian and Quebecois folklore and ended up choosing Grizzlys and its French spelling.

For which games will you be running scouting tournaments ?

We have seven tournaments : League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. 4, Hearthstone and Street Fighter V. You can find information about each games here.

I’d like to participate, but I don’t have a team !

Unfortunately, we only take team registrations. If you are a solo player, please refer to our Discord channel, where you can find teammates. Just post in the free-agent channel to get started!

Do you hire coaches, managers etc. ?

There is a time and place for everything, but not now! We are currently choosing the teams that will represent Grizzlys. Once we’ve picked our teams, we’ll look into the managing team. We keep every resume you send us and will contact you when the time comes. Meanwhile, you can send an email with your CV and a short presentation of yourself at jobs[at]

What about casters and streamers ?

Same thing!

I have tons of experience on THAT game, I’d like to help you pick the best players !

First thing, thank you for your enthusiasm! We got a lot of help from the community and we’re overloaded for the moment!


Will you guys have a team on : 

Battle Royale (PUBG/H1Z1) : We are 100% aware of the potential for these games, but we will wait for an official launch before doing anything.

Fighting games (Injustice 2/Mortal Kombat/Tekken/MvsC/SSBM) : No tournament doesn’t mean no teams!

Other FPS (CoD/Halo/Destiny) : We don’t have any plans for this game, but who knows.

Other esports games (Dota 2/Starcraft/HotS/Smite) : We don’t have any plans for the moment, but we won’t hesitate to jump if we have an opportunity.

MMORPG (WoW/BnS/Dofus/RuneScape etc.) : We don’t have any long term plans for MMORPGs.

Rainbow Six : We obviously have plans for R6 in the foreseeable future.

Mobile games (Vainglory/Supercell games/card games etc.) : We have plans for mobile games on the medium term.

Other esports games (Paladin/Brawlhalla/Gigantic/Paragon/Battleborn/Fortnite etc.) : We don’t have any plans for these games at the moment.

Racing games (Mario Kart/Grand Turismo/Forza/Driveclub/Project CARS/Assetto Corsa/Need for Speed etc.) : We don’t have any plans.

FIFA : We are currently working on a project with the local FIFA scene.

Other sports games (NHL/Madden/NBA/PES etc.) : We don’t have any plans on the long term for these games.

   – Marilou


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