Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung becomes the first winner of our scouting tournaments!


Contribution from Reggie “chesterr” Gaston

This past weekend, the Grizzlys held their first team tryout finals in order to scout and nurture local talents. This event would reveal to the world the first player to ever be proposed a contract with the Grizzlys team. The first Grizzlys representative could be a Street Fighter V player, and so 16 Canadian competitors would face off until one would be crowned the winner.

Montreal Street Fighter helped with the tournament’s organization. The matches were spread over two days at the Montréal Esports facilities, with pool play on Saturday and a top 8 bracket on Sunday. Toronto competitors Elias “L.E.S.” Tzidku and Kyle “Brutus” Gallant made it to the top 8. From Montréal, Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung, Andrae “Yomi” Brown, Rami Rammal, Mao “Maoi” Nguyen, Réginald “FluxWaveZ” Pérodin and Richard “Snafoo” Tuok were also thirsty for victory on Sunday.

With the level of competition present, multiple highlight moments riled up the attentive crowd gathered on location. In the end, Chi-Rithy’s Karin and Chun-Li rose above the competition in the top 8, defeating FluxWaveZ’s Rainbow Mika, Brutus’ Zangief, and Rami’s Rashid.

Rami was sent to the losers bracket by Chi-Rithy in the winner’s finals, swept 3-0, and then faced Snafoo’s Dhalsim in losers finals, who had himself come all the way back from a round 1 defeat to L.E.S.’ M. Bison.
Rami won the losers finals 3-1 over Snafoo, and moved on to grand finals versus Chi-Rithy. Rami took the lead, winning game 1, but Chi-Rithy kept his composure taking the next two games. Rami gave it his all and tied it up, but ultimately, Chi-Rithy would win the set in the final round.

Chi-Rithy thus became the first player to be officially proposed a contract by the Grizzlys.



Capcom’s Street Fighter V was the perfect game for the Grizzlys’ first tryouts. The same weekend, the new Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre won his return match, silencing all his detractors. The Montrealer and owner of Montréal Esports stated in his post-fight interview that martial arts are “about technique, setting traps, and intelligence.” (https://youtu.be/hFzGM3vxs_U?t=3m12s )

Henri “Chi-Rithy” Oung understands that philosophy: his diligent approach towards the game and his dominating talent are all in line with GSP’s standards of excellence. The Grizzlys organization will provide Chi-Rithy with training facilities, coaching and mentoring. The Grizzlys will also facilitate his travels to international majors. Congratulations to Chi-Rithy!

This weekend, check out Montréal Esports’ Twitch channel to watch the next waves of tryouts for the Grizzlys team. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals will be held on Saturday, November 18, and the Rocket League finals will take place on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mtlesports


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