The D00ds and Team Clarity get the Grizzlys’ approval


The Grizzlys tryouts doubled down this week-end, with two tournaments on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Saturday, and Rocket League on Sunday. Let’s review the action and highlights of this week-end.

Team Clarity got more hungry than Taco Cat

Our CSGO finals gathered four teams from all over Québec, battling in a double bracket format. Most of the matchups went pretty undisputed, with Team Taco Cat dominating the bracket and not losing a single map until the Grand Final.
Put down by the Tacos, Team Clarity didn’t struggle much to climb back to the deciding match and get a shot at a revenge.
The Grand Final started with a map advantage for Taco Cat, due for the winner bracket team, and launched on de_train. They claimed their leading status with a strong CT side, leaving just 3 rounds to Clarity, but probably let their guard down, the map ending on equal an foot. The overtime completely turned to Clarity’s advantage 4-0, evening the serie 1-1.
While the next map on mirage was way more balanced, Clarity’s better teamplay paid off, earning them a crucial win 16-13. Inferno being a match point for Proven’s players, they didn’t let their chance slip away, and crushed Taco Cat on their CT side, winning 16-9.
A very convincing victory for Team Clarity, who showed a strong sense of strategy and teamplay in this final.

The D00ds roll on the competition


Despite a rocky start, the last DreamHack Montréal 2017 champions showed on Sunday why they were one of the dominant crew. Playing with Tankucr as a substitute for Araussi, their offensive play style sharpened along the tournament. And if Rocket Raccoon gave their best but could hardly get on D00ds’ level, Meme x3 was up for the challenge, conceding only 2-1 their first serie against The D00ds : 3-2, 1-5, 3-2, this was a promising preview of what could show the grand final.
But it was just a warm-up for them, and the step-up was clear later on : dominating Meme x3 on the round-robin second serie 2-0, the finale opposition started on a close point, The D00ds taking this first game on overtime 1-0. Meme’s reaction was instant, catching their opponents off guard 5-2, but The D00ds got their rotation straight on the following games, winning both 5-2, for an uncontested victory over those Grizzlys’ tryouts.

Two teams more in Grizzlys’ basket

Here they are, Team Clarity and The D00ds earned their chance to being proposed a future contract with the Grizzlys, after a strong performance in Montreal Esports facilities.
Stay tuned for this week-end next tournaments, taking place during the MEGA festival, showcasing League of Legends and Overwatch.

Alban Quénoi


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