Two MEGA finals on League and Overwatch

Those Grizzlys tryouts were played away for once, taking place in the heart of the brand new Montréal Expo Gaming Arcade. Two days of LAN competition with a live audience, a first for many players, as for the public who came in numbers for the convention.


League of Legends : Operation Enfant Soleil breaks the Team X wall


Three teams were in line on Saturday to battle out on League of Legends. The semi-final opposed Operation Enfant Soleil to BioStorm, which got quickly swept by the former without any real difficulty. But the Grand Final showed a way more interesting level, Team X playing on a equal step with OES.

The main turning point on the first game was a crucial Baron taken by OES, which sealed the deal in a very close game. But Team X raised a strong wall in the second round: they perfectly slowed down the pace of the game, in line with their end-game draft and champions with a way better scaling than OES.

The decisive game showcased an extraordinary finish, Wazabiee catching Team X off guard with a backdoor helped by two super-minions, while the battle was raging in OES’ base.

A well-deserved win for Operation Enfant Soleil, who was able to break through the solid defense of their opponent, taking advantage of their higher individual skills and mechanics.

Review the live here.



Overwatch : Rockets Esports, up to their level


The Overwatch finals showcased a particular format, with only two teams presents due to Windstorm Gaming and Team Kring’s forfeit. The final rolled a Bo3 serie of Bo3s, for an extended confrontation between Rockets Esports and Rivals Gaming.

Rivals Gaming are pretty well known for any Montreal Overwatch League viewers, with one of the strongest north-american Pharah in their line up with Niiko. On the other side, Rockets Esports, an american team built to compete in the Overwatch Contenders six months ago, was a promise for an awesome clash: a Quebec team taking on an international roster.

Against all odds, Rivals got the first shot on Lijiang Tower, control maps being one of their main strengths. Surprise effect didn’t last long though, Rockets Esports reverse sweeping the serie on King’s Row and Dorado.

The second Bo3 looked pretty similar: Rivals stayed focused and won the first map on Eichenwalde, wiping Rockets on close-range fights, but they cracked under the pressure on Oasis and Route 66. Highlights of the serie, the two Roadhogs of Stratus and Maid, landing insane hooks on Jaxb, the Rivals’ support.

If Rockets Esports won 2-0 this Grand Final, this match showed that one of the best team in Quebec could totally go toe-to-toe with a strong american roster.

Rockets Esports becomes the third team to officially get proposed a contract with the Grizzlys, and the first non-canadian one. Follow the Rockets trail!

Alban Quénoi


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