Hearthstone tryouts : praise the Pelletire!

Last week-end showcased the sixth Grizzlys tryouts, and it was Hearthstone’s turn to play its card. Eight players had made it out from the four open cups, to brawl in a double elimination bracket all Saturday long :

  • Fred311 – 11 pts
  • Ouate – 7 pts
  • Tzou – 7 pts
  • Bacon – 6 pts
  • Dero – 6 pts
  • Emillionaire – 5 pts
  • Jiany – 4 pts
  • Pelletire – 4 pts

The deck used by Pelletire :

Alban Quénoi

The winner bracket was dominated by Pelletire, who didn’t have the easiest path due to his last slot qualification. He had to first get rid of one of the strongest players of the tournament, Fred311, and then went on with Bacon and finally Tzou.

Without any major upset in the rest of the bracket, Fred311 tripped on Tzou in the loser’s bracket final, offering the later a shot at a revenge against Pelletire. Bull’s-eye for Tzou, who was able to reset the bracket, taking the serie 3-1. But Pelletire kept his composure against Tzou’s nerve breaking secret mage deck, and eventually won the whole tournament with a 3-1 last serie.

Meta-wise, Pelletire exposed his strategy for this tournament during the winner’s interview : with the current meta being overwhelmed by Priests and Rogues, the choice was pretty clear to him, and perfectly illustrated in the Round of 8. Half of the players went for countering priests, and they all won against… priest decks. Perma-banning rogues completed the tactic for Pelletire : only 8 games played for this class on the whole day, compared to the 21 games as priests. A perfect mind vision for Pelletire !


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