Super Smash Wii U : Venom hits hard!


The seventh and very last Grizzlys tryout was running last week-end, gathering some of the best Quebec Smash 4 players in the Montreal Esports facilities.

The group phase didn’t see  any major upset, the highest seeds answering the call : Darkwolf, Venom, Smokk and Fwed all won their series without much opposition.

The second group seeds were taken by Z, Ramzy, Jayy and Shinzoumatt to complete the top 8 bracket following up on Sunday.

Unfortunately, too many forfeits greatly hindered the group stage, up to the point that the bracket had to be seeded following the current power ranking of the players, pool results being way too unbalanced amongst the four groups.

Except Darkwolf’s no-show, the Round of 8 results followed the current hierarchy. The first major serie opposed Fwed and Smokk in the first semi-final. Smokk had the best start, taking the first point by perfectly defending Fox’s assaults. But he couldn’t keep that advantage so long, Fwed catching up with his opponent’s play and taking all three following rounds with ease.

The other semi-final saw Venom knocking out Z, who wasn’t able to repeat his recent performance against him : Venom took the serie without losing a single point.

The winner bracket final opposing Venom to Fwed saw the very first game lost by Venom’s Ryu in this tournament, in an extremely close serie. However, Fwed had to bow down and get sent in the lower bracket, losing 3-2.

The loser bracket didn’t see any major surprise up to its final, where Smokk and Fwed faced again, repeating the winner’s semi-final. But this time, Smokk got his revenge and perfectly muted Fwed’s Fox, to meet his elder brother in Grand Final.

This ultimate match was up to the expectations, each player going out of their way to try to clinch the victory. As brothers, both of them obviously knew each other perfectly, and everything relied on who would be able to read the other better. Eventually, Venom got the final Shoryuken in the fifth and last game of the serie. In the post match interview, Venom admitted the conclusion could have gone either way, and even added that Smokk might know his older brother better than he does. Smokk is certainly a promising talent, practicing Smash 4 for only a year.

Congratulations to Venom, who is the very last player to get proposed a contract with the Grizzlys!

Alban Quénoi


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