By joining the grizzlys, you will have access to many advantages, such as:


You’ll be able to participate in various tournaments in North America and on the international scene. This will be your time to shine and to prove yourself against high level players during esports events.

Training Facility

In the heart of Montreal is a training facility dedicated to gaming. It is equipped with PCs, consoles, conference rooms and other amenities in a 6 500 feet square, fully renovated space.

Talent Development

Coaches, analysts and a management team will work to bring every member of the Grizzlys to their highest potential .


Grizzlys will help you push yourself and your achievements forward. Help will be provided for players who wish to increase their reach, visibility and reputation.

Revenue Share

Performance rhymes with revenue. Grizzlys' players will see a fair return based on their efforts, and a stable revenue through professional contracts will be ensured.


You may be good at your game but sometimes good is not enough. Grizzlys will provide you with opportunities to gain your own sponsors as well as benefiting from the ones we already have.


1. Polar bear

You always keep it cool. You play by the rules and always show great sportsmanship. Your teammates always give you ‘honors’ after each game and invite you over and over again, because you know how to keep your head above water even if you are defeated.

2. Bear cub

You’re fairly new to the scene, but you are fast on your feet and climbed to the top of the ladder quickly. The community sees you as their young prodigy and your potential puts you in a great spot for the future, even if you are in your first competitions.

3. Brown bear

You’re a solo player. You play against people online and you get your thrill by playing ranked games. You constantly look to surpass your last performance and to get better, but you still play games against your friends from times to times, because you enjoy the post match discussion.

4. Alpha bear

You are a leader. You’re not necessarily the best player of the team, but they need you because you call the shots. Your special skill is your team spirit. You have your teammates who you enjoy playing with, because you played so many games together that you know them by heart.

5. Hibernator

You know how to optimize your time. You read every single patch note of your game to be ready the second it goes live. If Reddit’s not always open on your second monitor, that’s because you’re watching replays or your favourite pro.

6. Panda bear

You’re versatile. You’re essential to your team since you can play many roles if needed. You have a sharp mind and your adaptability is amazing, whether its in game or in real life.

Is your growling strong enough to be a Grizzlys? The information about each tournaments is available if you click on the game icon below.